Some Home Improvements Pay for Themselves

Whether you're planning a home improvement project with the intention to sell or to just make your family more comfortable, consider these home improvements to help increase your home's value.


1.   Curb appeal is key. 

Your first chance to make a good impression is how your home looks from the street. Make sure the landscaping is well- maintained. Also, take a look at your neighbors. If your yard seems dull in comparison, think about planting flowers or painting your front door.


2.   Midrange remodels pay off.

Focus on upgrades to the two most important rooms - kitchen and bath. Updating these rooms give your home the potential to reach a higher appraisal value. The best part, midrange remodels in the kitchen and bathroom deliver a greater return on investment than upscale remodels.


3.   Consider low maintenance options.

Replacing major home factors, such as furnace, water heater or the roof, may help you get a higher price since a home buyer will not need to worry about constant maintenance. Besides low maintenance options, buyers also appreciate things that are easier to clean. For instance, consider replacing old carpet with hardwood floors.


4.   Efficiency is everything.

Energy efficient features can have an impact on the home's value. Things like double-paned windows, improving attic insulation, LED lighting options and efficient appliances not only increase value, but they entice energy-conscious buyers. Most utility companies offer energy assessments to determine where your home is wasting energy and which upgrades could save the most money.


5.   Creating square footage.

Adding square footage to your home is an obvious way to add value, however not everyone has the opportunity to build an addition. First think of how you can create additional living space by finishing the basement or building a deck in the backyard.


6.   Go high tech.

The prime homebuying age group is Millennials. According to, Millennials crave any new technology that is added to the home. These smart tech options include thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, smart doorbells, door locks and lighting. Usually you can install these smart-tech gadgets yourself and they come at a low cost of $1,000 or less.


We can help.

While some of these upgrades are low cost options, other projects may require financing. At Croghan we have Home Equity Lines of Credit for your projects big and small. Our loan experts can talk with you about your home improvement plans to get you into the right loan for your needs, at a great rate. Select your local branch to send an email to your banker so you can get started today.


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