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At Croghan, we understand where you’re coming from because we believe in the same values - Honesty. Hard work. Commitment to family. So we hope you consider us more than just your community bank. We’d love nothing more than to be here to listen, guide, and help you for years to come.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

James Bowlus, Lead Director

Michael Allen Sr.

John Hoty
Hoty Enterprises, Inc.

Claire Johansen
Lane of Dreams Farm, LLC

Daniel Lease
VP, Chief Financial Officer
WT Holdings, LLC

Thomas McLaughlin

Allan Mehlow
Chief Financial Officer
The Mosser Group/WMOG, Inc.

Kendall Rieman
President/Chief Executive Officer
The Croghan Colonial Bank

Rick Robertson

Gary Zimmerman
Swint-Reineck Company

Sarah Zimmerman
Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD)

Management Team

Kendall Rieman
President/Chief Executive Officer

Brad Elfring
SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Carla Waggoner
SVP, Chief Operations Officer

Chip VanDette
SVP, Chief Lending Officer

Chris Kelly
SVP, Chief Credit Officer

Tracy Baughman
SVP, Chief Investment Officer

Jodi Albright
VP, Regional Manager

Theresa Elfring
VP, Senior Manager - Customer Experience

Shannon George
VP, Senior Commercial Lender

Melissa Walker 
VP, Retail Operations Manager

Laura Whipple
VP, Human Resource Manager


Our History

1888 - Croghan Bank was founded by Augustus E. Rice and J. W. Pero on July 25th.

1890 - The Croghan Bank and Savings Co. were incorporated, purchasing the assets and liabilities of the Croghan Bank.

1904 - Croghan Bank and Savings Co. bought the Brainard property at 323 Croghan Street, Fremont – our current Main Office location.

1955 - The consolidation of Croghan Bank and Savings Co. with the Colonial Savings Bank was approved forming the Croghan Colonial Bank. An expansion plan began with locations opening on the East and West sides of Fremont.

1958 - Croghan Colonial Bank bought the Commercial Bank of Green Springs, giving us a new location in Green Springs.

1977 - The Bank bought the property for Ballville Banking Center.

1984 - Articles of Incorporation were approved setting up the holding company, Croghan Bancshares Inc., making Croghan Colonial Bank a wholly-owned subsidiary.

1996 - Croghan Colonial Bank acquired The Union Bank & Savings Company. We gained the Bellevue, Clyde, and Monroeville Banking Centers with this acquisition.

2001 - Croghan Colonial Bank expanded to gain a location in Port Clinton.

2005 - Croghan Colonial Bank acquired The Custar State Bank, giving us a new location in Custar.

2006 - Croghan Colonial Bank expanded once again, gaining a Loan Production Office in Norwalk.

2007 - The Bank bought the Wilson Building in Clyde; we built a new Clyde Banking Center at that location.

2008 - Colonial Bank relocated our Norwalk Banking Center to a full-service facility.

2011 - Croghan Colonial Bank acquired branches from The Home Savings & Loan Company. We gained the Fremont North, Tiffin Downtown, and Tiffin Westgate Banking Centers with this acquisition.

2013 - Croghan Bancshares, Inc. (parent holding company of The Croghan Colonial Bank) acquired Indebancorp (parent holding company of National Bank of Ohio). All National Bank of Ohio branches (located in Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Oregon, and Curtice) became offices of Croghan Colonial Bank, as well as a Loan Production Office in Perrysburg. At this time we also sold our Custar Banking Center to Farmers & Merchants State Bank.

2015 - Croghan Colonial Bank’s Loan Production Office relocated from Perrysburg to Maumee. The Bank also bought the Garden Restaurant in Port Clinton; we built a new Port Clinton Downtown Banking Center at this location.

2021 - Croghan Colonial Bank opened an office in Milan, Ohio.


Our Name Sake

Colonel George Croghan was 21 years of age when he lead troops through the Battle of Fort Stephenson on August 2, 1813. Croghan had only 160 men with just one piece of artillery, Old Betsy - a cannon, but by shifting its position from place to place he made his enemy believe that his troops were well-armed.

The British stormed the fort with 500 Red Coats and 800 Indians. After the battle, the British loss of dead and wounded was about 120, while Colonel Croghan lost only eight men.

We honor our namesake to this day, admiring his courage and leadership.

Josh Frederick

Croghan Bancshares, Inc.
Welcomes Josh Frederick

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