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Investment Management

Since our roots are deep in the Trust culture, we have always managed assets and client relationships with a fiduciary focus. We have always functioned as a fair, fee-based investment practice, so we do not accept commissions from clients or providers we collaborate with. Our focus is on minimizing costs and risks to our clients and providing holistic, impartial guidance as Trustees and investment advisors.

We are independent, so we have our own proprietary investment processes, screening tools, and portfolio models. We recognize that no investment manager can specialize in everything, so we utilize qualified sub-advisory firms to help manage more extensive relationships with highly sophisticated investment solutions. Working together with you, we construct an individualized portfolio for each client with careful attention to performance, risk, cost, and tax efficiency.

We Manage Money for Clients Using:

Individual Agency Accounts

Our most common relationship. Croghan clients hire us to manage wealth for optimal income, long-term asset growth, and tax efficiency. Our investment process entails constant monitoring, regularly scheduled client and audit reviews, and proactive portfolio advice tailored to each client’s unique goals and risk personality.

Business or Institutional Agency Accounts

We serve numerous businesses and non-profit organizations to manage funds for both long-term optimization and at times shorter-term business asset management. We are experienced in fiduciary asset management practices and business accounting, so we can aid groups and business owners with advice to match their management needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Croghan serves hundreds of clients through retirement account management, with that often being their most extensive asset base. We understand the importance of a client’s retirement security, so we manage retirement assets with the consideration of a fiduciary and the care we would give our family. We customize each portfolio so each Pre-Tax and Roth retirement account is optimally balanced and ideally utilized.

Guardianships and Custodial Accounts

Croghan serves the needs of the most vulnerable clients in our communities through managed relationships supervised by a court or legal arrangements. We are pleased to be a resource to secure the futures of those we are called to help.

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Investment products and services may lose value, are not a deposit, are not guaranteed by any financial institution, and are not FDIC insured or insured by any government agency.



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