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Celebrating the Subject Matter Experts and Croghan Commendation Award Winners

CC Award Ribbon

The Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Croghan Commendation (CC) Awards were created as a way for employees to be recognized for their hard work and expertise. The CC award nominations are based on Croghan’s core values, increased productivity, emphasized cross-team collaboration, and practiced fraud prevention. SMEs are employees nominated for their expert-level knowledge of subject procedures and standards and are the informal go-to persons whom others turn to for expert advice or knowledge.

Take a look at our winners over the past year:


  • 2022 SME Winners: Tyler Kimmet, Nikki Ginnever
  • Q3 2022: Caroline Boyer, Nic Gillenwater, Derek Bailey and John Kreuz
  • Q4 2022: Danielle Sengstock, Drew Solander, Mary Bisignano, Shannon Monhollen, and Teri Campbell
  • Q1 2023: Faye Kingsborough, Kathy Karr, Laura Birkholz, Mary Hays, and Tiffany Beal
  • Q2 2023: Brian Montz, Dan Barrett, Drew Solander, Eliana Benavidez, Missy Walker and Susie Shaffer
  • Q3 2023: Brent Runion, Cathy Gore, Dan Kingsborough, Hunter Larcom, Joseph Gilman, Kelly Havice, Peggy McQuistion and Steven Hohenstein


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you for your commitment to our customers and Croghan!


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