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Trust & Estate Management

Being a Trustee is, to us, an honorable and fulfilling responsibility. It is our goal to make each trust relationship as optimal as it can be, regardless of the circumstances. That requires extra effort on our part, but we have learned that long-standing relationships are often born from well-managed Trusts.

We serve Trust clients in the following ways:

Revocable Living Trust/Agent for Trustee

We have many relationships with clients who serve as their own Trustees or have a family member as a Trustee, with Croghan named as an alternate Trustee. This relationship provides great value and allows the Trustee to serve while accessing Croghan’s investment expertise, bill-paying options, and financial planning advice. We are often asked to step in as Trustees when the burden of Trust administration is no longer desired.

Irrevocable Trusts

Croghan is often involved in serving as a Trustee for deceased clients and for clients using charitable, insurance, or gift tax advantages to create an irrevocable trust. Croghan handles all the details, including asset management, bill paying, beneficiary communication, and trust tax preparation. Our competitive fee rates make Croghan a cost-efficient and proactive choice with no hidden fees.

Special Needs Trusts

We have a niche practice in serving clients with self-settled special needs trusts and families who have created estate plans with special needs components. We handle all aspects of managing assets to assure they remain accessible but shielded, and we communicate with our beneficiaries and caregivers to keep them informed.

Farm & Business Administration

Our location in Ohio’s heartland brings us into relationships with many farm and business owners. We provide impartial and experienced management and transfer of farm and small business assets to minimize uncertainty and loss of business.

Charitable Trusts

Croghan offers a discounted arrangement for managing charitable trusts for the many causes our clients favor. Our team is ready to advise clients on the optimal charitable strategies for them, often resulting in reduced tax burdens and enhanced feelings of doing good.

Estate Administration

Croghan is ready to handle all aspects of estate administration, from funeral arrangements, inventorying and evaluating assets, assisting your attorney in preparing probate and tax filings, and managing the distribution of legacies and claims. Our assistance keeps the administration efficient and impartial, freeing the family from burden and disagreement.

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