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The Importance of Financial Literacy for Businesses and Their Employees

Article details provided by Ashley Hansen AVP, Area Manager

Ashley Hansen

A business relies on the strength of its employees.

Those employees need to have a solid understanding of financial literacy to protect the integrity of your business and their personal wealth.

Becoming financially literate involves understanding your overall financial picture to optimize your financial future. Providing your workforce with that education allows them to better contribute to your business and local economy.

"It's important to set your employees up for success," said Ashley Hansen, AVP, Area Manager. "It not only helps your employees but their families as well."

It's always possible to start investing in financial literacy. Partnering with a community bank like Croghan can provide your staff with access to resources and expertise to help them address their current finances and plan for the future.

Financial LiteracyCroghan meets with local businesses to provide financial education sessions that address various topics, including debt consolidation, investment opportunities, fraud awareness, and retirement planning.

"Awareness is key," Ashley said. Understanding where you are and where you need to be is crucial for people of all ages. Anyone can benefit from some financial literacy."

Croghan has more than 200 online tools and resources. Your employees can learn about a variety of topics and begin the process of writing their financial success story.

Money can be one of the biggest stressors for employees, but providing access to financial literacy courses can improve job performance and enhance lifestyles.

"The goal is happier employees who want to work and obtain their next goal," she said.

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