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The Importance of Financial Literacy for All Ages

Article details provided by Ashley Hansen AVP, Area Manager

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It's never too soon or too late to invest in financial literacy.

Understanding your current financial picture and determining the steps to plan for your future is essential.

"Being aware is key," said Ashley Hansen, AVP, Area Manager. Understanding where you are and where you need to be is crucial for people of all ages. Anyone can benefit from some financial literacy."

Croghan offers various educational services and opportunities to help you improve your financial wellness.

Financial LiteracyThose services and education differ for each age group:


Children learn good financial habits. Croghan offers tours for first graders to help them understand what a bank is and how it works. We also explain spending versus saving.


It's important to continue educating teens on good spending and saving habits. We discuss credit versus debit with older kids to educate them on income and expenses, especially once they start working.

Young Adults

Ashley said working with young adults instills responsible financial practices and helps prevent them from developing bad ones. It's a good age to learn about lending options, investing, and planning for retirement.

Middle-Aged Adults

This age group may face a variety of financial challenges and opportunities. You should review your debt, save for retirement, and build your financial safety net.


Financial literacy for seniors may include budgeting their retirement funds, using Social Security benefits, and creating or updating their wills.

"People don't know what they don't know," Ashley said. "That's why we ask questions to help prompt those thoughts."

Croghan has more than 200 online tools and resources. You can learn about a variety of topics and begin the process of writing your financial success story.

Visit our Education Center for more information.


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