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Product Spotlight: Holiday Savings Account

Holiday Savings

Allocate funds for the holidays or something special so you have plenty to spend when it’s time to shop or travel. A Croghan Holiday Savings Account only requires $20 to open and collects interest throughout the year.

You can set up automatic transfers throughout the year, and funds are transferred back to your primary Croghan account in October. Need help deciding how much to put aside? Save $1,378 in 52 weeks! Start small with $1, then add $1 more each week. If you prefer to save the same amount each week, save $26.50 per week for 52 weeks.

Holiday savings accounts offer:

  • Year-round saving for the holidays or special occasion
  • A way to keep funds separate from your checking or savings account
  • A way to earn interest


Holiday Savings Account can help you save and keep extra funds out of sight and out of mind. Open your account and start saving!


*Account subject to deposit account approval.
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